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Ensure your garden is safe and doesn’t contain any health hazards.

Ensure you have Public Liability insurance to protect you and the person renting your garden.

Ensure you are not breaking any tenancy, or leasehold laws or mortgage agreements.

Never give out details about your property other than your garden.

If someone wants to visit your garden initially to view, ensure you are not alone or someone knows that the meeting is taking place.

If renting out your garden to grow food, do your bit for the planet: discourage the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. ?

You can only legally rent out your garden for camping for up to 28 days in a year. You will need to provide toilet and water facilities.

If you rent out your garden consecutively to one person for up to 6 months  or more consecutively, you and the person renting your garden will need to sign additional legal documents in accordance with the Landlord and Tennant Act of 1954. These are supplied once you have subscribed.

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